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Texas Miniature & Toy NSDR Australian Shepherds

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Puppies Available May 12th !!!!

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Updated 4-14-2015

Australian Shepherds are very versitile canines, no matter what their size. Their intelligence is a strong feature, coupled with their beauty and ability to love their owners.
From the very beginning, as pups, it is vital to nurture an "Aussie's" socialization to people, animals and other canines. This cannot be achieved by raising them in cages, kennels or cramped living quarters.  Our dogs and puppies are made part of our family. We strive to place each and every one of them in a loving and safe home. Their future is in our hands ......and we take that issue very seriously. Thanks for stopping by, be sure and check out our "Aussie's All Grown-Up" page. It's just our little way of trying to keep up with our puppies as they grow up into their adult lives.

Click to view our 1998 Buckskin Stallion. 100% Foundation bloodline - Poco Bueno & Hancock. Breeding Information for 2008 , also foals for sale. -  weatherford, tx.
Alysia Panagopoulos