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Texas Miniature & Toy NSDR Australian Shepherds

More of our "Aussies" all grown up !!!

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"Aussies" all grown up !!
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The next two pages are filled with pics of our past puppies grown up !!! We love to know how all our puppies turn out !!

This is "Ernie".....he just left us to live in Conroe, Tx. with Robin & Scott.  Thanks again for giving "Ernie" such a great home !!!


Thanks to Shari & her family of Weatherford, Tx. for giving Mollie's last little boy a great home !!! We'll miss you little Bleu !!


This is "Duke", he lives in Southlake, Tx. His parents are Mollie and Doobie. Believe it or not, his little brother is pictured above !!! Duke loves to help his owner, Ashlee, lead her horse by holding the lead rope for her !! We're so happy that his family loves him soooo much !! Isn't he a cutie !!!


Here's "Sedona" all grown up !!! Her mom is Roxanne and her dad is "Doobie".


Here's "Paislee", she lives in Kansas and is going to school to be a world class agility aussie !!! Good Job Paislee....go get um!!


This is "Jake"...he lives in Azle with the Williams family. His mom is "Molly" and his dad is "Doobie".


This is little "Sophia" , she now lives in New Jersey with Eve & Adam. ( We miss you little Sophia !!"


This is "Cooper"......his parents are "Roxanne" & "Doobie" .


"Jodie" & "Jessie" now live in Azle with the Williams family and "Jake" their brother !!!

cheechchong.jpg -  weatherford, tx.
Alysia Panagopoulos